John Proctor And Yousafzai In The Crucible '

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Throughout history, there have been many morally obligated people who have dedicated their lives to either helping others or advocating for a cause that is important to them. For example, Martin Luther King Jr. campaigned for civil rights because he felt an obligation to help the people in his congregation, his community, and in his race find equality in the white driven world they lived in at the time. There was also Malala Yousafzai, who survived a head shot wound, fought against the tyranny of the Pakistani Taliban, and promoted women’s rights and the right for education everywhere. These two historic figures have done their part to shape the world into a better place and, unlike Yousafzai, as she still continues her work today, King pursued his fight until the day he died. Like King and Yousafzai, a character by the name of John Proctor is born from the mind of Arthur Miller into his world renowned play, The Crucible and is the only man of his time to show his moral integrity. Proctor is similar to King and Yousafzai in the way that he never gives up the bravery he has to push for the freedom of his loved ones and others accused of witchcraft, especially his wife, who inspires a moral outbreak of his character.

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