Differences Between Amerigo Vespucci And King George III

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Matchup 1. Amerigo Vespucci (America’s Discovery) Vs. King George III (Tea Act) Amerigo Vespucci essentially discovered the Americas, if it had not been for him, American history would likely be very different. The discovery of the Americas led to the exploration of Columbus, and that exploration ultimately led to the colonization of Northern America, forever changing history. King George III proposed and enacted the Tea Act on to the colonies. This single tax turned the tables on American life. The Tea Act led to the Boston Tea Party, which led to the American Revolution. The citizens of the colonies were angered by the constant control by the British, and eventually flipped, causing the entire colonies to up rise, and revolt. King George …show more content…

The importance of the Cabinet which George Washington singlehandedly created, far outweighs the importance of the Monroe Doctrine. Winner. George Washington Matchup 4. Ulysses S. Grant (Victory at Appomattox) Vs. James Madison (Macon’s Bill 2) Ulysses S. Grant led the union forces to a victory in the Appomattox Campaign. Ulysses S. Grant forced Confederate General Robert E. Lee to surrender and admit defeat in the civil war. This single act had a great effect on the rest of the world, ending the civil war and bringing a permanent end to slavery within the United States. During James Madison’s presidency, the United States were suffering from an economic downfall. In an attempt to solve this, James Madison put into place Macon’s Bill #2. Macon’s Bill #2 repealed the Non-intercourse Act, and allowed the English and French to trade with the Americas once again. Ulysses S. Grant wins this round. The implications of ending a major war, are much larger than those of preventing a recession. Ulysses S. Grant contributed to a bowling ball, James Madison’s Contributions are more like

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