Differences Between Cross Country And Track

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People always ask what the difference between cross country and track is. Well it is more than just running. Cross country and track is a mental game. You push yourself as hard as you can until you can’t anymore. I will be comparing and contrasting these two sports based on their training, races, distances, and much more. First of all, cross country races are way longer than track races. High school cross country races are 3.1 miles (5k) for boys and girls. In track 3200m (2 mile) is the longest distance you can do in track. Each track race is different from each other. One could be very long and others could only last 15 seconds. In cross country there is only one race you can run which is the 5k. in track there are a lot of different events you can participate in. The events arrange from 100 meters to 3200 meters, from long jump to hurdles. In track you might run multiple events and do field events. Cross country meets usually last a few hours there are four races jv girls, varsity girls, jv boys, and varsity boys. Now track meets take a very long time. There are so many different events ranging from sprints, middle distance, long distance, field events, hurdles, and throwing. Track meets are defiantly way longer than cross country meets. There is a big difference between running distance and sprints. Distance is usually anything above a 400 meter. Sprinting is usually 100 meters to 400 meters. Running cross country is so much different from running track. It even

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