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The olympics are athletic games that first started in Greece. These games were later revived and are now seen as massive global athletic events that bring the world together and are held every four years. The olympics between 1892 to 2002 brought together cultures due to bringing together nations regardless of wars while simultaneously divided nation’s teams because of countries enforcing their own political agendas onto their athletes, such as Nazi Germany making their athletes prove how Nazism is better than democracy. Women were also beginning to participate in the games and at first were barely participating in the games, economically the olympics became more and more expensive throughout the years and became a cash pit for large companies …show more content…

According to Doc 1 Pierre de Coubertin, founder of the modern Olympic movement revived the olympics in order to bring peace to the world. While the Olympics to bring peace temporarily during the event many people such as Coubertin believed that the games would slowly create a more stable world with less hardships such as war. The fact that the Olympic games are on the foundations of the desire to create peace show how that is the the game's main purpose. Showing how even if the Olympics failed in that aspect it still would always have the intentions of bringing nations together. Another Document showing that the Olympics brought together nations is Doc 5. Doc 5 is about Japan hosting the Olympic games and how Japan was not taken seriously due to losing WW2 until they were able to be viewed as equals during the olympic games. This shows how Japan might not have ever been viewed as a proud nation and world power without the equality that the olympic games brought. Overall, many nations flourish under the Olympic games neutrality and could possibly even bring permanent peace to the world. One document that would be useful to see more about the intentions of the Olympics would be a document from another branch of the olympics on Russia hosting the olympics to see the real reason why Moscow was picked to host the games that …show more content…

According to Doc 4 multiple corporations invested in the South Korean olympics which are said to make a massive sum of money because of said investments. One other part of the Document is that it states that the economical standpoint of the olympics is completely neutral. Many businesses ignore the politics of the countries and instead focus on gaining a profit. Another document that shows how the olympics changed is how the broadcasting rights in Doc 8 increase for every olympic game, showing the importance of the olympics rising every year. The final document showing a divide in the olympics due to politics is Doc 9. Doc 9 shows how in 2002 the Pakistani team is bringing shame to Pakistan because they are not honouring the government and how the teams in the past did. One other document that would be useful to gain more insight into the money part of the olympics is to see a document showing the cost of an olympic game and how it varies per country or

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