America Views The Holocaust 1933-1945: A Brief History Essay

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One would never know how profound reading original documents for a class that was taking for mere boredom can be. America Views the Holocaust 1933-1945: A Brief Documentary History, by historian Robert Abzug, did indeed change my thoughts and possibly altered my degree selection. I came to be fascinated by the historical presentation of Abzug and the essays, which focus on whether or not history is true and the denial of one of the most horrific events in the world. Being exposed to their essays while reading Taking Sides: America Views the Holocaust 1933-1945: A Brief Documentary History for one of the classes I am taking this semester. I have never been much of a reader but somehow, the essays, documents and stories both encouraged my thinking and question my belief in historical truths. If anything, the truths that were presented are capable of making one see history through different eyes. Abzug states in the Preface, the book "offers a selection of original documents that illustrate the varied …show more content…

However what is majorly overlooked is the fact that the most famous athlete of his time, his outstanding displays of athletic abilities at the 1936 Olympic Games that captivated the world even as it infuriated the Nazis. Despite the racial slurs he endured, Jesse Owens ' grace and athleticism rallied crowds across the globe. But when the four-time Olympic gold medalist returned home, he could not even ride in the front of a bus. The events that followed in Germany, namely the Holocaust and World War II overshadowed the Berlin games. However, it is very important that a world gathering like the Olympics could take place in a country that was in the process of eliminating an entire race of people and yet the world stood

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