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Who knew a leader of a country that was so racist and cruel, known as Adolf Hitler, would host 1936 Olympics held in Berlin, Germany. Hitler did not like sports, but he still had to host the games as they were awarded to Berlin prior to Hitler taking power. Instead of being known as the Berlin Olympics they were called the Nazi Olympics. The Nazi Olympics came at an important time during World War II and was a distraction from the actual war going on. Hitler used the Olympics to help build support for his Nazi movement.

Since Germany was hosting the Olympics during the World War II they did not plan well and had to build a big arena in a little amount of time. It cost 42 million dollars to build the new complex. The complex was 5 miles west of Berlin. All of the preparation for the Olympics was done under …show more content…

He expected the Olympic games to be a German showcase and a statement for Aryan supremacy. Hitler was obsessed with trying to show off Germany, he was trying to show people that they were the finest athletes. Hitler thought that only Aryan people were good and good athletes. He thought Aryan were superior to other athletes. Although he did not like sports he was so obsessed with winning that he had to be the best. Hitler being a very racist man, tried to use his racist views to define the Olympics. Hitler did not like Jewish or African (black) people. . The Americans and others did not want to compete because of how racist Hitler was and they did not want their people going to Germany in fear of them getting hurt because of their race. Many tried boycotting the 1936 Olympics on the basis, Germany’s rules forbidding discrimination based on race and religion were against the Olympic rules. However, claiming the Olympics belonged to the athletes and not the

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