Bisclarvet By Marie De France: An Analysis

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While everyone in the world today claims to different, unlike anyone else; everyone would agree that they all share a bond that can’t quite be achieved by any other species. What might that bond be one might ask it seems to be so easy overlooked in one’s ordinary day to day interactions. However that thing whatever it might be that brings every person on the planet together some might simplify its definition to be called humanity or ones human traits and characteristics. However if one were to ask what exactly is a human trait there would not be a clear and concise answer. Is it how one’s peers perceive an individual or can it be interpreted as how one perceives themselves. Maybe it’s how one reacts to the choices that they are given in life. Can it also be interpreted as how one appears and presents themselves toward the world. In the story of Bisclarvet by Marie de France it makes one question can someone still be human if they turn into a wolf? The first occurrence that makes one question whether being human is due to how one perceives themselves or how one’s peers and society choose to view them. This is addressed very early on in the story when Bisclarvet choses to share his secret after nonstop questioning …show more content…

“Sire, you're doing the wrong thing. He will never make the least Move to get dressed in front of you And change from the form of a beast. This is terrible—you don't know-- Something he's far too ashamed to show. Have him taken to your own room, And his lost clothes brought with him; A good long time, leave him alone; Then we'll see if he becomes a man”(Marie de France, p. 8-9). Now Bisclarvet was not allowed to change back to his human form without his clothes. Making it seem that one’s humanity might be drawn toward the fact that one’s appearance plays into a big role toward ones human

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