Disadvantages On Cloud Storage

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It is a challenge for computer user to store all the data that they have acquired because storage space is limited. So people prefer to buy hard disk and invest their money in it. Others use external devices like USB drives .But some prefer to store their data on cloud storage. Cloud storage refers [11] to storing data to remote location and it is maintained by third party. In this you store the data in remote location instead of storing it to your local hard disk. The data or information which is stored at remote location is the accessible through the internet.

Fig 1: How cloud storage works [11] Cloud storage has many advantages over traditional storage system. If you store data on the cloud storage you are able to extract it from anywhere you just require a internet connection. There is no need to carry your physical storage device and use of the same computer to save or retrieve information. It is convenient and offers more flexibility. Now the question arises how does it work?
2.1 Working of Cloud Storage system
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Some systems are designed for a specific reason such as storing information like multimedia, email messages and all forms of digital data. At its basic level a cloud storage can consist of only one data server connected to the internet. A client which is a subscriber of cloud storage service sends data to the data centre over the internet. When the client wishes to retrieve the information, he accesses the data server through the web interface. Generally Cloud storage system relies on number of data servers. Data needs to be stored on multiple locations because computer requires maintenance occasionally. This multiplication of information ensures that clients can access data at any

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