Essay Explain The Need For Safe Storage And Efficient Retrieval Of Information

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Describe different types of business documents that may be produced and the format to be followed for each.
There are many different types of business documents that are used daily in business environments, for example;
Emails- The fastest way to send documents and information and follow the format of recipient and subject.
Spreadsheets- These are used to store information electronically. The data is stored in the format of rows and columns in a grid.
Letters- Business letters are used to communicate with people outside of the office. A business letter is usually formatted in the style of company address, recipient address, content of letter and signature of sender.
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Quantity Surveying- This department deals with the running of contracted jobs and the information found here would consist of invoices, progress reports, valuations and labour reports.
Explain the need for safe storage and efficient retrieval of information.
Storing information could be in the form of filing, computer based or memory sticks. The need for storing any information is for easy retrieval in the future so that the person has the required information when needed. The information or data that needs to be stored could relate to personal employee information that would need to be password protected so only the relevant people can gain access. Only if date if stored in a procedural manner can it be easily retrieved. This can also help if an external body needs to gain access to records for example auditors.
Describe the features of different types of systems used for storage and retrieval of information.
There are many different ways in which you can store and retrieve information; the main purpose of storing any information is for easy retrieval in the future when it is

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