Task 1 Information Storage Essay

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Task 1A Information Storage Procedures Management Data Employee information Employee information will be stored inside a laboratory office or in HR. the non-confidential information will be stored in paper files, the confidential information will be kept in either paper files in a locked filing cabinet, or on a computer file secured with a password. This information will be updated as required due to any new required information or any changes to the existing information stored in these files. We must keep this information as there may be medical records or allergies which we need to access Work schedules The laboratory work schedules are kept in the staffroom, in the main office or possibly could be available online. These schedules…show more content…
These records are accessed whenever there are substances which could be hazardous to our health are being used, or when the information on the records need to be updated, so when legislation changes. Scientific data Scientific data should be archived in an inaccessible file either on the computer or on paper records, this could be in a lab office. This data could be accessed when it needs to be updated or for example in a court case where it needs to be proved that a substance is or is not something. This is kept to protect the company and the customer. Scientific apparatus records These records should be kept inside the laboratory in a file which is accessible to all working in the lab. These may need to be accessed when there is a problem with a piece of equipment, this is to make sure that it is not still under warranty so to see when the product was purchased or just to consult the instruction booklet, this is also why these records are kept. These may be disposed of when the apparatus is disposed
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