Discrimination In Enrique's Journey

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11.5 million immigrants come into the United States every year. 13.5% of United States population are migrants that leave everything behind and their family to get there, and only 28% of foreign immigrants from Mexico make it to the United States every year. Additionally 64.5% of hondurans are living in poverty, according to The Immigration Policy Institute. Sonia Nazario demonstrates how the matter of immigration affects family values, causes discriminacion and more drug use. Many cultures around the world have different ideas about all of these subjects. But some are stricter or looser than others. In “Enrique’s Journey” she conveys the story of Enrique, the main character. The author also shows how specifically Enrique and his family are …show more content…

It comes from a fear from anybody that you personally do not know. Discrimination affects every aspect of daily life for most people. These people come across discrimination every day maybe even twice a day. The author uses discrimination in the book to evoke empathy or sympathy from the reader. This is so because everyone has either been discriminatory or was discriminated against some point in their life. She persuades the reader to think that immigrants are not always that bad because of what they have to go through, like rape, beatings and even more. Almost everyone feels bad and want to help. However life is not always fair. Enrique comes across discrimination many times during the book, like the time he was beaten by six men on top of the train. They were angry that these people were coming through their country to get a better life, but in reality they are just jealous of what they are trying to achieve for their family, "This is what they get for doing this journey" (Nazario 47). Adan diaz ruiz mayor of San pedro Tapanatepec is talking in this quote basically saying that he does not approve of immigrants from the south of mexico. Just like how many other people in mexico think of immigrants. They also believe this in the capital of Mexico, Mexico City. They are terrified of these people and think they bring disease and do other terrible things. Thus being picked on by

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