The Debates Of Sam Harris And Ezra Klein

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Through this discussion, both sides of politics and science nearly outdid each other in stating facts about IQ and race. Many times the two in this discussion would bring up the suffering of African Americans and how their IQs were at a low. But through the two different debates of Sam Harris and Ezra Klein. They use their styles of speaking to try and educate yet persuade the audience on IQ scores with race. The debate itself was interesting due to both strong characters. They both took the initiative by stating evidence and had their own opinions to back it up. At times snobby comments were being thrown at each other to prove a point. But the two would always go back to the book,” The Bell curve” written by Charles Murray. It was a controversial …show more content…

He first says that he really has a low interest in the race and IQ debate. But later on, says that Klein’ s arguments aren’t really factual and labeling Murray to be a bad person and not really taking much about racism. But then later says that the Bell curve isn’t all about race and IQ, there really is one chapter that goes in depth with it. He even argues that Nature vs. Nurture is not equal and should not be taken seriously. Once, after saying that he proceeds to say that Murray = social policy when Klein is arguing otherwise and that Nature cannot change an IQ. But as well claims that Klein’s evidence says that African Americans are inferior. But instead of really focusing on all the different races we really need to focus on the people who are on the left side of the curve. But towards the end of his argument, he believes that there is intellectual dishonesty and we need to focus on other racial issues apart from the ones we deal with …show more content…

He at first claimed that the way Harris is being treated due to his opinion of,”The Bell Curve” is the same way as Murray and he feels that they both can relate to the same amount of hatred they receive. He also claims which he's a good point that throughout his last podcast Harris never really mentioned race and racism. He also brings up the fact Sam always avoids things like talking about segregation to slavery. But after basing and pointed out some flaws of Harris. He begins to show his side of the argument stating his evidence. Stating that Losing Ground another book Murray created is more towards why whites think they are racist. With “The Bell Curve” it talks about Race and IQ only. Another thing he points out is Murray once said,” European push forward for human characteristics and different race as well have achieved.” Another thing he points out about Sam is that through his ignorance of slavery and segregation he never really had any other race on his show the majority he brings is white. However, towards the end, he explains to everyone that we should treat everyone equally even if one race is inferior to the other. A key point mentioned was that a 12 to 18 point increase in IQ score is met when a child of an adoptive family who lives high needly tend to have that increase. Which is amazing to see, but not surfing because it goes to show you that with money you can have a

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