Discussion Questions For Go Tell It On The Mountain

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1. The book Go Tell it on The Mountain by James Baldwin takes place in the 1930’s when racism struck America. A time when people used to be considered a slave for life if they were born with colored skin. Baldwin got first hand experiences with inequality, as did his main character: John Grimes. Throughout the book, John encountered many different aspects of life in the 1900’s including the hard concept of religion that his step-father practiced. Growing up in the city of Harlem, it wasn't rare to see racism because almost everything was segregated. John was forbidden to go to a particular side of the town and hangout with other people because of his race. The United States government set many laws in order to keep African Americans and …show more content…

He didn’t want to be anything like Gabriel, a preacher, even though Gabriel despises him. I believed from the beginning that Gabriel wasn’t always religious, as we find out throughout the book. I feel like he used religion to cope with all of the hate that occurred throughout his life, including his hate for John. John was a very intelligent boy, and was appreciated by his teachers and peers. This kind of acknowledgement doesn't happen very often. John made every attempt to make Gabriel proud. He always did his chores and exceeded in his schoolwork, but Gabriel never seemed to be satisfied. Personally, I think that as they grow older, the two will continue to distance from each other. John will be nothing like his stepfather. Instead, he will be like Baldwin and prosper within the field of …show more content…

After reading, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? by Phillip Dick, I have gained a better understanding of the differences between humans and androids. The leader of the society where the book takes place is a man by the name of Wilbur Mercer. Not only is he the leader, but he also provides a form of religion to his people. His teachings incorporate empathy towards oneself, and to work for the good of the community. The book is based in a post-apocalyptic era in San Francisco in the year 2025, where the difference between androids and human beings is nearly impossible to tell. There are few tests given, stated throughout the book, that helped me gain a better understanding of these differences, one being The Voigt-Kampff

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