Dishonesty And Distrust In Hamlet

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Hamlet is set in the 14th and 15th centuries in the royal palace in Elsinore, Denmark. The story itself was taken place in the castle which gives a great opportunity for plenty of eavesdropping to go on between characters. A sense of dishonesty and mistrust is first seen in the beginning of the play when the guards who are friends with certain people must question everyone that approaches the castle. There is also another scene that is taken place in the graveyard where Hamlet espouses his existential ideas on the meaning of life in a graveyard, surrounded by bones of the dead. This setting illuminates the work as a whole because it is very close quartered which means actions and reactions take place much sooner and faster than expected.
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To get revenge upon his mother Hamlet acts like a total nutcase and does everything he isn’t supposed to do to not only get attention but to show his mother he can do whatever he likes. Hamlet then goes on to reenact his father’s death in front of his uncle which embarrasses him. Instead of taking his chances and killing his uncle, he waits as he wouldn’t like to see his uncle go to heaven, so he waits until he sins to kill him. After being sent to England by his uncle, he returns with anger ready to kill him but finds his ex-girlfriend Ophelia to be dead. Hamlets uncle then poisoned the wine Hamlet was to drink but his mother ended up drinking it and dying. Hamlet also dies from a poisoned sword, and finally kills off his uncle my making him drinking the poisoned wine as well. Shakespeare uses objective third person point of view to tell this story. The main conflict is Hamlet wanting to revenge his father’s death by his uncle and now king Claudius. The climax is when Hamlet resolves to commit himself fully to violent revenge. The main foreshadowing technique that Shakespeare uses is the ghost of his father which shows an ominous and dark future for

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