Disney Character Analysis: Frozen

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Queen Elsa The Disney movie, Frozen is the story of two sisters, one of whom was born with magical powers of ice and snow, trying to save their kingdom. Like with most fictional Disney characters, Queen Elsa’s, powers are both a gift and a curse, and they are the epitome of Elsa’s being; without her “gift” she would not be the character that represents the overall theme of overcoming such intrapersonal turmoil. Of the six domains of knowledge discussed in personality psychology, Elsa’s personality in the first half of the film (until she runs away to the mountains) can best be described in terms of dispositions which remain consistent, and social/cultural adaptations from living in Arendelle, Norway in the mid-19th century. Queen Elsa’s…show more content…
At the point when the actual ceremony is performed, Elsa as she appears at her coronation is clearly uncomfortable. Her conservative clothing and tight hairstyle are also illustrative of her constraint – it isn’t until she removes herself from the company of others and runs away that she is finally able to relax and be herself (Andrew). Not only do you recognize the repetitive nature of her characteristic dispositions at the coronation, but also the social/cultural impacts on her behavior. For the actual ceremony her fear takes over as she’s in a room filled with strangers depending on her leadership as she tries to hide powers which may not only harm her people but may also reveal her as a sorceress; holding the orb and scepter is a success until she begins to fear and they start to turn to ice – her quick response saves her here. Sorcery in the 19th century was feared by most commoners as only witches or wizards and other magical, evil creatures could possess such powers – Elsa feared the response from her kingdom’s people and their possible rejection towards her if her powers were

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