Doctor Strange: Theology Vs. Christian Philosophy

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Essay Doctor Strange was one of my favorite movies. It was one of the best Marvel movies I’ve ever watched. I loved the fantasy side of it. It also clearly illustrated the characters desires and beliefs in life. The theology, philosophy, and ethics of the movie, Doctor Strange, are not compatible with the Christian worldview. The theology of the movie, Doctor Strange, is not compatible with the Christian theology. The god of Doctor Strange is magic. In the Christian theology the god is God or the trinity, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. God in the Christian theology is omniscient, omnipresent, and omnipotent. The god in Doctor Strange is pantheistic as magic is in everything. The attributes of magic are that it is everywhere and can be used by everyone. God is eternal, just, all-knowing, powerful, the list goes on and on. People can change how they live by believing in magic or the abnormal. If you believe in Christ your whole view on life changes and you have a strong belief in knowing where you will go when you die. Doctor Strange questions magic and its abilities in the beginning. Magic contrasts the Biblical worldview because the bible says that witchcraft is bad. Magic also contrasts from the biblical theology because God in the bible is the creator of everything and the God in Doctor Strange …show more content…

The characters believe that the world is both material and spiritual. The characters rely on a sense of logic and feeling. There is supernatural in the movie. Truth depends upon what the character believes is true person to person. Being considered wise is knowing all things of and about the world. One lie that was exposed was that the Ancient One did the dark spell.The philosophy in Doctor Strange contradicts the biblical philosophy because God is the only one who knows everything. This view of truth is bad because they rely on what they think not what they

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