Does Tim Burton Use Cinematic Techniques In Edward Scissorhands

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Many people believe that Tim Burton is the most unique director of our time. By using cinematic techniques he points out the isolated character in the movie and shows how different they are than everyone else. Although it is consistent that these protagonist characters never fit in, what does vary is their desire to do so and many people argue that this reflects Burton himself. In Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Edward Scissor Hands directed by Tim Burton, the use of a wishful protagonist and exaggerated characters conveys that no one should change who you are to meet society's expectations.
In Burton’s films, he uses a wishful protagonist to show that even though the character is a social outcast, they won’t change the way they are to meet anybody’s assumption. For instance, in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, the scene where Charlie finds the last golden ticket to go inside the factory, Burton uses a close- up on his face to show the excitement and sparkle in his eyes. This establishes the idea that even though Charlie and his family are very poor, and can’t afford much, that anything can happen as long as you’re impassioned. Charlie may be an outcast because he is poor, but by his desire to have dreams shows that as long as you stay true to yourself, anything is possible. Furthermore, in Edward Scissorhands, Edwards’s fate has embraced his uniqueness, and by him using his Scissorhands to …show more content…

When he first walks into the house and sees Kim’s picture on the wall, a close- up on his face with a smile beaming across his cheeks occurs with slow up-beat music to show

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