Why Did Tim Burton Use Music In Edward Scissorhands

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Tim Burton has a lot of of crazy, amazing movies, weather he wrote it, or was the director, but i think the main thing that stands out in his movies, the one thing that is almost perfect in every scene, is the music.

claims One reason, why i believe music is an important use in Tim Burton movies, is to set the mood, it helps the viewers have an understanding, or have an idea of what's going to happen next. For example, in the Tim Burton movie “edward scissorhands” he used music to change the mood into something different, remember the scene where edward was building an ice angle, and all the ice shavings were falling as kim was admiring it and looked so happy. The background music was a beautiful instrumental, that sounded calm and peaceful, but when jim came into the scene edward gets scared and accidently cuts kim's hand, the music instantly went from peaceful, and happy, to disturbed, and angry. This shows how music has an effect on changing the mood. …show more content…

He can't put a happy song, into a scene where there husband is dying or a scene where someone is feeling sad, or mad. Tim Burton has to choose carefully, and be wise about what music he decides to put for the secen because the wrong music to the wrong scene just won't match, or look that

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