How Music Affects The Brain Essay

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Do people ever stop and think that a certain song has changed their mood completely? One minute they were mad and the next they are sad. Or that music can help people with illnesses and disabilities. How music can affect the brain, emotions, memory and so much more. Music plays a key part in today’s society. It really has an impact on just about everyone. So how does music affect everyone in its own way? In a scientific point of view researchers have wondered about the possible therapeutic and mood boosting benefits that music has on someone. All types of music affects people. Sad music can bring most listeners comfort and pleasure, according to research from Durham University. In that research, it was also found that sad music can have negative feelings and profound grief. …show more content…

It might be obvious that music impacts people physically, but understanding how music and the brain interact is a deep study and a mystery. Music can have an affect on brain development. One of the first things that occurs when music enters the brain is the “triggering of pleasure centers”, this releases dopamine, a feeling that makes you happy. The response is so quick that the brain can anticipate the most pleasurable peaks in familiar music, and that can cause the early dopamine rush (Golstein). Along with affecting the brain music has a certain impact on emotions. Research indicates that music stimulates emotions through specific brain circuits. The impact of music is easily influential on the brain. We can see the impact of the brain engaging in mood and emotion when a young child smiles and begins to engage in the rhythm of the music. We can also see the impact when a parent and their child connect through music. The connection of parent and child through music is a special bond. Like when a mother sings her child a lullaby, it is one of the truest and purest moment of bondage between people

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