Summary Of The Book 'If I Ever Get Out Of Here'

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Imagine being so poor that you feel like you can’t show your friend your house because you are so embarrassed. Music changed Lewis and made him a better person. In the book If I Ever Get Out of Here by Eric Gansworth the book follows the story of a young Tuscarora Native who deals with seventh grade life. Throughout the book, Lewis is faced with many challenges like being discriminated against because he is Indian. However, Lewis is very smart so he spends school days with mostly white kids who pick on him so he has it really rough. Until he got to seventh grade, he was just the Indian kid who was alone and all he wanted was a friend. All of this changed when George a boy from Guam came to town because that’s where his dad was stationed. George and Lewis became best friends and George helped Lewis a lot because he was so nice and friendly …show more content…

I do believe that music clears my mind and makes me happy no matter what emotion I have before I listen. It has a certain superpower that can change someone from sad to happy or from depressed to proud in a few minutes if you listen to the right songs or genre. I know that just turning on a song that someone likes can make their day. Music has enough power to get someone to get up and dance and that is special. It can power athletes, singers, actors, doctors, teachers, and anyone. By just turning on a song that you like can put you in your own world where no one criticizes you or judges you for being you. Music is an escape from any problem in society and it is meant for everyone. “Music is just something that helps me escape and be totally free from everything.”-David Schmitt. This quote shows the true meaning of music. It shows how anyone can escape whatever troubles are happening by just hitting the play button on the phone that looks kind of like and arrow. The arrow pointing forward to a better

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