Music: The Causes And Effects Of Rap Music

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Music has been an object of miracle, amazement, and even fear since the start of its presence. It has been used as a tool to shape culture and society through history. Music and its people influencing the lives and activities of society. Is this a good thing? Most would say yes. Can it be manipulated to carry a harmful result? A lot, considered such varieties as rap, would say yes. Rappers communicate through the specialty of music. Rap artists use their music to express their perspectives, opinions and feelings in their songs. From their lyrics, you will have the visualization of what they are trying to deliver, and how do they feel and see towards the society. The artists should be happy because they can compose any types of music to express themselves. However do these rappers truly need to use disrespectful and profane words? Do they need to publicize swearing words to youths? Do they have to speak explicitly about drugs? Rap music has created a disagreement in many ways, especially among parents and teenagers. First debate is lady and how they are degraded/ humiliated in the lyrics. Another reason that rap music causes problems today is by the way they take drugs and alcohol, to be something they are most certainly not. They talk about murder, rape, assault as if they were okay. Almost everybody and everything that has to do with rap music is associated with drugs and alcohol. The impact of rap music has numerous negative impacts in our culture and society today. This

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