The Negative Effects Of Rap Music

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Do you believe rap music is the cause of violence and hostile behavior in teens? Yes, because it persuades them toward a real negative mindset and lifestyle. The influence it posses on teens is extremely huge plus very misleading. Its lyrics paint images of a life filled with drugs along with guns that teens believe in. As a result of rappers being so influential it makes others easily convinced. Over the years rap culture has changed from being motivational to a negative industry. The more time teens spend watching videos put them further at risk as they are more likely to engage in careless or in some cases illegal activities. Once known as a inspirational outlet and a way for people to express their everyday struggles rap has since become extremely controversial and deceptive to the youth. One of the biggest negative effects rap music has is the promotion of drug sells and usage. The number of drug references in songs have increased almost 600 percent over recent years. A study showed that 69 percent of rap songs mentioned the use of drugs. It has become a trend in today’s music scene as almost every song makes some type of reference. As an effect of this teens are more likely to take part in drug activity because it has widely spread among the youth. When asked about their opinion on the situation a lot of artist replied that “it is a type of fashion or way of life”. Almost majority of teens listen to an average 40 hours of music per week in which they here a great

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