Music Censorship In America

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Throughout history, music has been a vital piece of culture. With music, censorship of it coincides. For America, this has been the case, especially with the invention of radios in the early 1900s which aided the development of widespread music in the nation. However, not all music is meant to be broadcasted for each and every listener of radio to hear. It is because of this that censorship of music on the radio is so necessary for a country with the potential it has to thrive. To start off, censorship is a controversial issue which dates back to ancient times, in ancient cultures for a multitude of reasons. However in America recently, older persons have tried to limit, filter, and censor what the youth have had access to. This includes print…show more content…
Popular artists who produce certain types of music have been known to get sucked into to the dangers of using drugs, and it is reflected in their music. Snoop Dogg released a song titled “Smoke Weed Everyday,” in which he says “Hey hey hey. Smoke weed everyday.” Teens are known to give in to peer pressure as well as try to be cool, and when artists they admire start promoting drugs, how do you think it affects them? According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, “About 570,000 people die annually in the U.S. due to drug use.” That is 570,000 people in America alone. Music on the radio can’t inspire children, teens, or anybody to essentially throw away their life and kill…show more content…
Censoring music on the radio does not mean that music is unavailable on other streaming platforms, because if one truly wanted to music, they could find it elsewhere. Music censorship, in actuality, is protecting the people of the country. It is stopping the spread of dangerous ideas. It is saving people’s lives. Therefore there is no reason that music shouldn’t be censored on the radio. If one truly wants to “hear real music” which is what F@%*K Censorship describes uncensored music, they can hear it on a platform that unlike the radio, promotes people to ruin their

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