Negative Influence Of Rap Music

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Rap music has negative influences on teenagers and youth lives, as they are drawn to the lifestyle of drugs, sex, and violence, which is contained in the music lyrics and videos. Research has supported this, arguing that exposure for a long time to this music is likely to affect the overall mood, behavior, perceptions, and create fantasies among the youths (Miranda and Claes, 2004). This has had significant influences on their behaviors at school and at home. Parents are concerned, since they are unaware of the lyrics, as the teenagers prefer to download the songs and listen the music through the headphones. Research has proven that popular rap music effects explore the student schoolwork, social interactions, moods, and overall behavior. The lyrics of these songs make reference to violence behaviors on explicit issues related to drug abuse and sex. Teenagers’…show more content…
Additionally, the artists used in their performances are educated and well-informed on what they do. The use of vulgar and inappropriate English often characterizes the environment that most Black minorities have in the United States (Wingood et al., 2003). Copying the style of dressing and the use of poor language structure is likely to result in low grades for teenagers. Parents are required to educate their children despite their interest in rap music. Children should also be educated on the negative perception that materialistic possessions are not a form of winning sexual advantages in the society. In the end, the music is created with the main themes of sex, drug abuse, and immorality that cause negative effects on the life of teenagers (Elligan, 2004). In this case, the listener should always be wise to ensure that the music does not have a negative impact on behaviors, mood, and sexual orientations in the

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