Hip Hop And Mental Illness Essay

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The birth of hip hop took place in the Bronx, New York , during a time of poverty , Initially when Hip Hop first came about no one would have imagined how vastly and quickly it grew nor would they have predicted the influence on society it has today. This particular enriched and animated, genre of music went from the local backwoods of the projects to a multi millionaire industry. If you ask most people today their definition of Hip Hop , generally they would say a cool rhyming scheme with a hook and a catchy tune, which is not too far off. But it is much deeper than that .Hip hop is a form of expression like a factory , if you may . You take the reality of the world or the “ bad,” you ball it around with the latest slang, trends and …show more content…

Hip hop conveys messages that extends a bit past just an appealing tune and more complex than is projected. Neuroscientist at The University of Cambridge conducted research on the “Effects of Hip Hop and Mental Illnesses.” A “social venture”, called Hip Hop Psych has been set up by neuroscientist at the Cambridge University,Department of Psychiatry. The researchers position were to promote the use of this genre as a helper treatment for mental illness,the researchers argued that, “An awareness of mental health is ubiquitous in hip-hop.” Many people who do not know much about depression have a common misconception and feel as though positive vibes are what people with mental instability need.They suppose that listening to cheerful music would be a good idea. On the contrary studies have proven a correlation, which seems there is a some type of relief in listening to other people 's struggles, the demons they deal with and how they overcame them."Hip-hop in general, and rap in particular, often carry messages that are much more composite therefore is not properly appreciated," This is what makes Hip hop an ideal medium for helping individuals understand their psychological problems and for finding ways to deal with

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