Informative Essay On Hip Hop Culture

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Informative Essay: Hip Hop Goes Global Grabber(Topic Starter). Hip hop has been around since the 1970s and it has changed from what clothes they wear, and the rhythms you hear as well as the lyrics. Here we will go in further in how hip hop culture has impacted young people in different cultures, why hip hop is important to the listeners and what is hip hop culture. Hip hop culture was embraced worldwide, it created loyal fans to hip hop and also those despise it. The question is who has embraced it and why it's important to them. For example, in Chengdu China hip hop circled the media in 2017 and it exploded with many young people lining up to see their favourite hip hop artist in music festivals or in night clubs. In the article With …show more content…

So why is hip hop exploding worldwide? When listeners were asked why they listen to hip hop through a website called Genius which lets listeners interpret lyrics and engage in conversations. The audience respond, one user who goes by “the1elment” stated, “I like rap for most part because it shows the rough side of things its not talking about living in a dream world where your neighbors are awesome people and everything is just perfect…I live in such a nice neighborhood with amazing parents and family and through rap I learn more about the streets and shit that I have never really seen or gone through and even though I can’t relate i'm just fascinated by the culture of the music and lifestyles pretty deep topic…”. The user explains why he listens to hip hop, and like many other comments on the website. They use hip hop to gain knowledge of what the rappers talk about. When you take a look at hip hop artists and their music is ether a biography on their life and hardships , political statements or something anyone can relate too no matter the culture, nationality or race. For example, Eminem wrote albums on what people stories of him a unhealthy household,raising a daughter, and dealing with personal toxic flaws of his . Hip hop allows artists like him be able to put their feeling and thoughts onto paper without losing all the emotion it already has. Like stated before even

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