Music Argumentative Essay

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As a teenager, I see that my peers are completely diverse when it comes to a music style. Everyone has their own mix of artists and songs that may or may not be completely similar. I sat on the edge of a pool table as I watched my best friend 's attempt of having an open DJ station at her party. She wanted everyone to be able to listen to what they wanted. The idea was not bad and neither were her intentions. With her ability to be friends with people in different friend groups, she should have thought about this being a problem. I heard a wide variety of music from rap, death metal, and many boy bands. As the night went on there were fights, arguments and a decrease in guests. Looking around the room it came to my attention that all of these people do like music; not one of them suggested that it should be an awkward silence. I started to think about how much of an impact music has on individuals and social groups, or whether it has one at all. I went home and began to view how music affects me and my peers. Does music really influence people 's emotions and their mood? Some say that it doesn 't, others believe that it does. As I researched some opinions online, I discovered that the popular belief is that music does have an impact. Music affects what people think, how …show more content…

When analyzing what music does to a person’s mood, I thought about the possibility that the person changes it themselves. “It (sound & music) also trims complications after heart attack, calms anxiety, slows breathing and increases production of endorphins, the body 's natural painkillers. Consider: 80% of stimuli that reach our brains come in through our ears” writes Dr. Mitchell L. Gaynor, author of the book Sounds of Healing, and director of medical oncology and integrative medicine at New York Hospital 's cancer-prevention center. The fact that music can play a role in increasing the production of endorphins leads me to believe that there has to be some affect on your mood after listening

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