Listening To Music Helps You Concentrate And Focus Essay

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In our present day and age many people now listen to music while doing a number of various activities. There is a big debate whether listening to music benefits you and helps you to concentrate and focus especially while studying. I researched whether listening to music helps you concentrate and focus.
Listening to music is one of the only activities which involve using both sides of the brain. When concentrating on a specific task you are normally only using one part of your brain while concentrating so the other parts of your brain that is unoccupied drifts off which causes you to lose concentration. The music is beneficial because it will keep the other parts of your brain busy while you are concentrating which will prevent you from drifting off and losing concentration. Music has also been found to engage the area of the brain involved with paying attention.
Listening to music through earphones also prevents background noises from distracting which is another reason why people listen to music while trying to focus on something.
Listening to music also lowers feelings of tension and anxiety which helps you to calm down which will result in you being able to concentrate better.(Cho, 2014) Music can also be used if you setting time break so for every …show more content…

The classical music must be slow and relaxing classical music. The reason for this is that you want to create an atmosphere of calmness when learning or studying. What some people also do is that they will study while listening to music for 40 minutes and then study without music for 30 minutes. Each time they swap it could make you feel like a new study period which could help you study much more effectively. Another nice tip is that you should listen to your own music and not to the radio as the dialogue of the presenters and adverts might distract you so always listen to your own

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