Literature Review On The Effects Of Music On Child Development

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In this literature review, five articles will be reviewed, on the effects of music on child development in early childhood. Comparing research on children who have been exposed to music in early childhood, the effect of music on the development of the baby in the womb, and children who have not been exposed to music. While also making reference to research on how music therapy affects children with Autism and the effects of music therapy in the treatment of children with delayed speech development.
The first article will examine the effects of Mozart 's music on child development. This study was carried out to investigate the effect of "The Mozart Effect: Music for Children ' ' collection on children 's social, cognitive, and physical development ages five and six years. The study consisted of forty-two children. Twenty-one of the children were placed in an experimental group and were exposed to Mozart 's music along with their daily school routine for eight months. While the control group, in the same kindergarten, followed an identical curriculum, yet did not experience any accompanying music in their daily routine (Campbell, D., 1997).
Using "The Preschool and Kindergarten children 's performance scale" the children 's development was measured (Al-Batch, M., 2001). Results showed significant differences in social, cognitive and physical development preferring the children in the experimental group, this suggests that music can create a more relaxed learning

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