Does Victor Frankenstein Make The Correct Choice Essay

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Did Victor Frankenstein make the correct choice? Loneliness can cause people to do unpredictable things, and it can also make people feel poorly about themselves. Victor Frankenstein’s monster, after being abandoned, became a lonely and miserable creature. The reason for the creature’s feelings was mainly because he was alone and unable to make friends because of his appearance. What caused the creature to lose faith in humanity was, after several attempts of doing good, he was repaid with rejection because of how terrifying he looked. These events lead to him wanting revenge, so he decided to go on a merciless rampage against any humans who crossed him as he traveled to find Victor, his creator. Unfortunately for Victor, someone very close …show more content…

He would be happy, and he wouldn’t have to be alone. The reason for the creature’s maliciousness is because of his miserableness. If the creature had a companion, he would have no reason to cause destruction of humanity, as he promises, because he would have someone like him in the world. More importantly, he would have someone to relate to. Someone who looked just like him wouldn’t reject him because they would be able to understand each other, and they could both live happily. Finally, Victor owes happiness to his creation. He did not ask to be created, and he was given a rude introduction to the world. For this, Frankenstein’s monster sees his “father,” Victor, as a cruel father. Victor could prove to his creation that he is a good parent by making him a companion, by making him content with living. In conclusion, Victor’s decisions for not making his creature a companion is wrong. This is because Victor owes his creature happiness, the creature would be less miserable, and Victor’s family would be safe. Frankenstein’s monster was a miserable creature, which caused him to do unpredictable things. If Victor followed through with making his creation a partner, then he would not be so miserable and

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