Don T Judge People To Meet Character Analysis

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Don’t judge people on their outward appearance Have you ever witnessed someone or somebody judging a person just because of the way they look? In the book When Zachary Beaver came to town you witness the characters in the book being very quick to judge people when they really don’t know the person or have even talked to the person. Later in the book the people of the town have a change in heart and they realize that people are different then they might seem from the outside. I believe that the author was trying to get the point across to not judge and to get to know the person first before you make any assumptions. A big target for judging is Zachry. When the people first see him they just say “He’s just a fat kid. He looks so bored and irritated.” The key word is “looks”. A lot of people judge by how somebody looks. A person may look one way on the outside but you would never know how they acted or what has happened in their life if you don’t talk to them. Later in the book some of the town’s people realize that Zachry is different than what he looks like and may seem at …show more content…

Juan’s family members are migrant workers that came up from mexico and they work low paying jobs that not many people want to do. Juan lives in a hispanic part of town that Toby’s mother and other mothers don’t even want their children to ride their bikes around. People think just because they are hispanic they are not as nice and more dangerous. Toby and Cal judge Juan by his appearance. Juan is very tall, has a mustache and always has a golf club with him. Toby said “ He always carries his #5 iron golf club and he already is a head taller than all the other kids at Antler Junior High and has a reserved spot on the basketball team”. Later in the book Toby realizes that Juan likes to play golf and always practices and also he has matured faster and has grown taller than the other boys at Antler Junior

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