Good People Character Analysis

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Christianity, one of the world 's major religions, revolves around love and the importance of loving others. In The Bible mentions to Christians, "Thou shalt not avenge, nor bear any grudge against the children of thy people, but thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself" (Leviticus 19:18). Love is of utmost importance in Christianity. In this story, a boyfriend, who does not manifest love and is a hypocrite and a sinner, to his loving girlfriend who is carrying their future baby. The boyfriend, changes and transforms his views of himself throughout the short story. In the beginning of “Good People”, Lane Dean Jr seems to be the average christian male, until he gets his girlfriend pregnant. This unplanned pregnancy is an utter shock to both …show more content…

Lastley, Lane changes his beliefs in the church and can decide what to do. When and how the character changes affect how Wallace conveys the story and its themes. Wallace wrote Good People to expose the hypocrisy in Christianity and had the reader discover throughout multiple epiphanies and revelations that exposes this hypocrisy while also changing the main character. Lane changes because he discovers this hypocrisy, much like the reader does, and the message could not be conveyed as strongly without the narrator changing as well. The author exemplifies a perfectly case of how people view themselves and their morals.In this story the man is willing to kill his unborn child to be rid of dependence. The purpose of the story is not to attack Christianity and state that all followers are all hypocrites, but to show that there can be hypocrites in such a large spreading faith. For this reason Wallace, introduces us to Lane Dean Jr. 's girlfriend, a idealistic Christian who becomes a foil. He allows the reader to see the difference between the two people and compare their circumstances and greater emphasizes the narrators hypocrisy. Having the narrator change his views of himself, he changes greater than any other character could, because his thoughts on himself changes not only how he acts, but how he reacts to events and hardship. So, Lane changes because Wallace wants the reader to relate to the change of the narrator while he starts to accept himself as a hypocrite and no

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