Summary Of 'Good People' By David Foster Wallace

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“What would even Jesus do?” (Wallace 155). “Good People” is a short story written by, David Foster Wallace about Lane and Sherri, a young religious couple facing the consequences of an unplanned pregnancy. Lane contemplates his feeling towards Sherri and his Christian beliefs. In “Good People” Lane A. Dean Jr. is the main character desperate to be a good person. Lane’s inability to confront and express his feelings about Sheri’s pregnancy, makes him seem a coward meaning Lane must change the way he thinks in the light of her pregnancy, hoping this will make him a good person. To begin with, throughout the story, Wallace focuses on Lane’s feelings, thoughts, and values. Lane is a nineteen-year-old college student studying accounting and business. He is in a relationship with Sheri because he likes being with her and talking with her. “She was serious in her faith and values in a way that Lane had liked” (Wallace 151). Lane builds his moral beliefs upon God and his religious upbringing. Therefore in his mind, Lane believes is the true definition of being a good person and a good Christian. However, his interpretation of what it means to be a good person changes in the story when Lane discovers She is pregnant. This causes him to consider his values of a true Christian and determine how he feels about Sheri. In this way, he becomes a dynamic character—one who undergoes change. Due to these circumstances, Lane comes to terms with himself and admits he doesn’t love Sheri or

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