Analysis Of Terry Newell's Essay 'Fostering Civic Virtue'

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Well-known leader for a Responsible Society, Terry Newell, in his essay, “Fostering Civic Virtue,” depicts how America has lost sight of their civic responsibilities. Newell’s purpose is to alert readers to the steady decline of civic virtue in America. He creates an irritated tone in order to convey to his readers that our nation is straying from the path George Washington built for us. Due to his tone and evidence, his argument is well supported and effective. Newell opens his essay by emphasizing how George Washington’s busy work schedule did not conflict with the seriousness of his civic duty. He quotes George Washington in his Farewell Address, “I beg you…to do me the justice to be assured that this resolution has not been taken without a strict regard to all the considerations appertaining to the relation which binds a dutiful citizen to his country” (1). Newell moves to praise George Washington due to the fact that he came out of retirement twice and none of that impacted his responsibility to his nation. He praises George Washington in order to demonstrate the ideal citizen, one who works hard and never forgets his civic duty. The appraisal of George Washington conveys an inspiring tone that forces the reader to remember the core values that this nation was built upon. Newell furthers his argument by quoting parts of the Farewell …show more content…

He states that Americans consistently involve themselves in the community and are eager to help one another. However, he declares that this alone is not enough. Our liberty depends on the strength of our government and the bond of our people. Newell emphasizes that the bond of our people should not be forced, instead it should be from the heart with “sympathy and interest” for one another (2). His nostalgic tone revives the communities America used to have and ignites determination in the reader to foster civic

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