The Characters Of Spirituality In Good People By David Foster Wallance

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The Characterization of Lane Dean Jr.
David Foster Wallance’s short story, “Good People”, portrays the main characters issues while pondering the difficulties of spirituality during an emotional event. The main character, Lane Dean Jr. and his girlfriend are faced with a life changing decision: whether to abort the child Sheri is pregnant with or raise the child. Throughout this decision, Dean is faced with many psychological and spiritual dilemmas. While the couple originally decides to have an abortion, Sheri becomes unsure of the decision. While the pace of the story is slow, it emphasizes the emotional distress that both Dean and Sheri are going through. Not only does the story line express their internal conflicts about abortion, but also where they stand within their own faith. Dean struggles to understand his faith, while Sheri knows that within her faith she should not abort the child but love it instead (162). Throughout David Foster Wallace’s short story, “Good People” readers are able characterize Dean and his spirituality through the pace and narration of the novel.
The story follows a steady pace, ensuring that the reader truly understands how Dean feels while sitting at that picnic table. The reader does not know what exactly the text is about until the narrator states, “That she will carry this and have it; she has to,” forcing them to make generalized assumptions (162). When Dean explained how “his hands in both of hers [unfroze] him and [made] him look at

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