Good And Gone Character Analysis

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The drama, Good and Gone written and performed by the students of EP3C details the the experience of the lead character, Morrison’s, high school years. The play goes through the several landmark moments in his life as young adult and also gives insight into the lives of his friends as well. Throughout the script, one is able to see the relationships between such characters unfold and often the sense of conflict that it brings. The play circles heavily around the influence of art, specifically music, and its role in the lives of the characters. This not only creates strong central themes, but also creates strong internal conflicts, along with external conflicts among characters in which they regard themselves to have the most accurate and socially …show more content…

This is especially present through the idea of Peggy, Morrison’s best friend that he imagines to still be alive after her first appearance in the play. Peggy appears through Morrison’s bedroom window after every large event that happens, from his break-up with Cristina to his break-up with Amy and even the opening of the play itself. After his break-up with Amy, Peggy seems to question why Morrison no longer leaves his room and he claims that “It’s about the only place I feel safe anymore” (69). Besides the idea that Morrison is no longer hopeful due to the many heart breaks and hardships he struggles through the turmoil of, it is also the only place where Peggy visits, or rather appears to him. This shows the internal struggle to feel socially “normal” and his struggle with the past. This is also shown through the repetition of characters who check his wrists to see if he recently self-harmed, which is first performed by Peggy (6). This act lets the audience know more about his past, and how he deals with his battles. A large turning point in the drama for Morrison is when finally chooses to dance with Peggy after she draws a mark right across his chest where his heart would be (71). This seems to be a change in character development, for its an act that did not perform with any other character in the play. It illustrates a change in his vulnerability and that he's more

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