Double Standards Of Men And Women In Homer's Odyssey

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In the epic poem, The Odyssey by Homer, the men and women has a double standard. Throughout the poem, the male characters such as the protagonist Odysseus are the ones fighting, leading and known as hero’s. On the other hand women are serving under the males and shown to be the seducers and prizes by Homer. Even a strong and cunning answer to a man.
The Odyssey centers around Odysseus’ way back home. But the mortal hero’s of the world were all men. When Odysseus goes to the underworld he meets these hero’s. “But you Achillles, there’s not a man more blest than you.”(Homer.11.546-547) and “next I caught a glimpse of powerful Hercules- his ghost, I mean.”(Homer.11.690-691). These people who Odysseus looks up to and admire, those who have legendary

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