Dr Fernando Garson Interview

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Dr. Fernando Garson’s interview with Mike Anderson and Mark Myers points out several similarities as well as differences. Similarly, Mike and Mark both shared an awareness of socioeconomically and environmental conditions. Mike was raised in an integrated neighborhood where he had Caucasian friends, and Mark was raised by a single parent. Mark’s family was poor unlike Mike’s family who was a middle-class family with strong family bonds. Nevertheless, Mike’s family was considered middle-class; he was not exempt from the black man’s experience. Mike experienced being stereotyped, setbacks, pain, and witnessing the death of his father. He had friends who families suffered from oppression and discrimination. According to (McGoldrick, Giordano, & Garcia-Preto, 2005), clients such as African Americans often deal with prejudice and discrimination. However, (McGoldrick, et al., 2010) states that oppression isn’t based on social group membership. In reality, society believes that the African American culture survived only by the welfare system. Although the welfare system was beneficial …show more content…

In like matter, Mark shared about his faith. African Americans looked to God when facing oppression. Mike describes in the interview how the African Americans cope with problems are shaped by cultural norms. The coping mechanism for African Americans is to keep the problems in the house and not to seek outside sources. Today, mental health professionals have become aware of how spirituality can enhance resilience (McGoldrick, et al., 2010). Likewise, Mike and Mark express how certain factors are outside of an individual’s control, and counselors need a sense of awareness. Furthermore, both Mike and Mark in like matter express that counselors should have a level of understanding of multicultural issues. Additionally, they both agree that it is equally important to listen as well as being

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