Dr. Fredriks-Personal Narrative

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“Calm down, Michael,” Dr. Fredriks said in his most soothing voice. "I don’t care if you don’t believe me! No one ever does, because everyone forgets, but they fucking move! You can use all the head shrink crap you want, and you can pump me full of meds until I’m orange, but you will never convince me that they don’t move!” Michael was, understandably, furious. He’d gone through so many doctors that he’d lost count, but they insisted that he’d only ever been with Dr. Fredriks. Michael had been crazy for well over a decade, and he was pretty sure he knew a thing or two about doctors, enough that he’d know if he’d only had one. *’Everyone forgets...’* he thought sadly, over and over, like a sorrowful moaning scream inside his head. “Many people have these types of delusions, Michael. It’s normal…show more content…
But if you can stop focusing on them-- stop reaffirming their false validity--you’ll eventually be able to rationalize your life again. You need to understand, shadows can not move of their own voliton.” Michael couldn’t remember why everyone always forgot, and that bugged him. Dr. Black knew. He saw it. But, like everyone else... forgot. Same with Dr. Splint, and Dr. Gibson. But no one ever believed him, and everyone insisted that he’d only ever seen Dr. Fredriks. “It doesn’t matter. If I start to think I’m wrong cause of all your pills, I’ll go back to the station, and I’ll see it again, and I’ll know. You can’t trick me!” Michael was very keen to keep his mind as pure as possible. Only the truest things in his noggin, and he was very wise to the ways of these so-called psychologists. No bastard would trick him into believing what wasn’t. “Alright then, how about I go down to the station with you, and we can definitively prove that they don’t move. If we both see them,
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