Similarities Between Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde

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In the book Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Dr. Jekyll is a well respected doctor and is known by many people. He is friends with Lanyon, a fellow physician and Utterson, a lawyer. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde may seem like they are the same person but in reality they are two different people in one body. During the novel Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde are in fact a single character that is until the end of the novel when the two personas seem nothing alike. The well-liked, respectable doctor and hideous, depraved Hyde are almost opposite in type and personality. Stevenson uses this marked contrast to make his point: every human being contains opposite forces within him or her, an alter ego that hides behind one’s polite face. Firstly, Dr. Jekyll is the nice guy. He is a brilliant scientist who makes a potion to change his figure. “O God!” I screamed, and “O God!” again and again; for there before my eyes—pale and shaken, and half fainting, and groping before him with his hands, like a man restored from death—there stood Henry Jekyll!” (chapter 9). In this quote, Dr. Lanyon describes the moment when Hyde, drinking the potion whose ingredients Lanyon …show more content…

Jekyll and Mr, Hyde can be described as two different people because one minute its Dr. Jekyll and after he drinks the potion, he becomes this other person known as Mr. Hyde. But towards the end of the book, Dr. Jekyll doesn 't really have a character in the book because Mr. Hyde took over his body and personality so he is completely evil. “No, sir, that thing in the mask was never Dr. Jekyll God knows what it was, but it was never Dr. Jekyll; and it is the belief of my heart that there was murder done.”(chapter 8). In this quote, Mr. Utterson and Mr. Poole go to Dr. Jekyll’s place to only find out that he isn 't there. They are surprised to what they find. They find out that the evil side, Mr. Hyde is there and they think that Dr. Jekyll was murdered. He wasn 't murdered because the evil side of him took over his

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