Dr. Robert Smith's Manifestations Of Depression

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Dr. Robert Smith provides a helpful biblical definition of depression. He states, “Depression is a debilitating mood, feeling or attitude of hopelessness, which becomes a person’s reason for not handling the most important issues of life.” The key word in that definition is “debilitating.” Some people believe they are depressed when they are down, discouraged, or even feel depressed. However, a person is depressed when they fail to take care of their responsibilities, handle problems God’s way, and cease from functioning. There are many times when people feel bad, but that does not determine if they are depressed. How one responds to those feelings determines if depression has taken place. The goal is not to get rid of feelings (cf. 2 Cor. 4:8, 9). …show more content…

A counselee will not only feel down, but will be immobile. He or she will not handle responsibilities God’s way. It is important to distinguish between a counselee feeling down and actually being depressed. What distinguishes the two is that with depression the counselee ceases from handling life. If the counselee is discouraged, he or she will keep on going with life and not cease from being immobile. Manifestations of depression of the outer man take place when a counselee fails to use biblical principles as they deal with problems in their life. The counselee is no longer doing what is pleasing to God and being obedient to the Scriptures. In other words, the depressed person is living by their feelings instead of by God’s Word. These are not only manifestations of depression, but biblical factors that drive depression. If a counselee is living by his or her feelings, and not by the Word of God, that can lead to

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