Dr Seuss The Sneetches

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Introduction: The Sneetches by Dr. Seuss isn’t like another ordinary children’s book. The book presented social stratification and inequality between the sneetches on the beaches. In the story, the star-bellied sneetches separated themselves as elite, but when the plain-bellied sneetches gets a chance to have stars, the social status system is hurled into disorder. The book subliminally talked about discrimination going on in society. The star-bellied sneetches lived a happier life and were considered “better” than the plain-bellied sneetches. It described a type of social stratification when the sneetches are divided into two separate groups, and the ones with star-bellies were seen as more superior. The sociological concepts I will be applying …show more content…

Many Americans believe in a simple class system which includes the rich, middle, and poor. People are ranked in social classes based on their yearly income and wages. The “upper class” are the star-bellied sneetches who have prestige. High class people think they are more superior over the working and lower classes. They have more power to control a person’s decision. For example, one is more likely to trust a wealthy business man rather than a poor business man, because he simply wields more power and has the means to fulfill desires and control one’s behavior. In today’s society, many symbols of social stratification includes buying and wearing what is trending. IPhones are extremely popular in American culture, and it is a symbol of stratification. People are seen to have a lot of brand names and designer clothing which separates them from the lower class. The stars on the star-bellied sneetches were the symbol of stratification in the story. Social discrimination is everywhere in the United States whether it is through race, gender, class. People are discriminated economically because of their race and/or gender. Discrimination was shown in the story when the Plain-bellied sneetches were not able to join the star-bellied sneetches in their picnics and

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