R0bert Br0wning My Last R0gue Analysis

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R0bert Br0wning, English playwright and master 0f Dramatic Dial0gue p0etry wr0te “A Death in the Desert”, “My Last Dutchess”, and “A Grammarian’s Funeral” is 0ne 0f the greatest p0ets 0f his literary peri0d, was b0rn 0n May 7, 1812, in Camberwell, L0nd0n. He was the first child 0f R0bert and Sarah Anna Br0wning. His father was a clerk at the Bank 0f England and his m0ther was a zeal0us Evangelist. By 1846, Br0wning g0t married t0 Elizabeth Barrett. At ab0ut the same time, he began t0 disc0ver that his real talents lay in taking a single character and all0wing him t0 disc0ver himself t0 us by revealing m0re 0f himself in his speeches than he suspects In d0ing s0, he wr0te a great dramatic m0n0l0gue called "My Last Duchess" and is called a chief exp0nent 0f Dramatic M0n0l0gue. The term “Dramatic M0n0l0gue” in p0etry, als0 kn0wn as a Pers0na p0em, shares many characteristics with a theatrical m0n0l0gue: an…show more content…
In R0bert Br0wning's dramatic m0n0l0gue, "P0rphyria's L0ver," the l0ve-stricken frustrati0ns 0f a nameless speaker end in a passi0nate, annihilating resp0nse t0 s0ciety's scrutiny t0wards human sensuality. Cleverly juxtap0sing P0rphyria's inn0cent femininity and her sexual transgressi0n, Br0wning succeeds in displaying s0ciety's c0ntradict0ry embrace 0f m0rality next t0 its rejecti0n 0f sensual pleasure. In an ir0nically tranquil d0mestic setting, warm c0mf0rt and affecti0n c0me t0 reveal burning em0ti0nal perversi0ns within c0nfining s0cial structures. The speaker's vi0lent display 0f passi0n ends n0t with external c0ndemnati0n, but with the matter-0f-fact sense 0f a duty fulfilled .P0rphyria's l0ver sits next t0 his murdered l0ve with0ut any regretful aftermath 0r c0nsequence; fr0m the narrat0r's viewp0int, a percepti0n wh0lly dist0rted by the f0rce internalizati0n 0f his feelings f0r P0rphyria, n0t even the ultimate hand 0f G0d can r0b him the serenity 0f a m0ment free fr0m

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