Art Summary: Sakoto Fujikasa

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Sakoto Fujikasa featured work of artistry displayed within the Harn Museum is know as “Stream.” This piece in particular demonstrates a medium that has been contorted to displays various ripples and waves to resembled that of flowing water. Hence, the name “stream” best befitting it’s whimsical nature. However, at a deeper interpretation of her piece, it can be seen that there is a hiding meaning. My initial thought of the piece was that she was creating a scene encompassing the changing of seasons and how they flow from one to another, parallel to that of a stream. Patiently, over time, this piece’s identity began to morph into a more complex ideology. The theme that Sakoto Fujikasa is expressing through her piece is to show how the encompassment of life is comprised of the various emotions we express and sense.
Throughout the piece certain areas are manifested with copious amounts of over-lapping while others are considerably smoother. The more congested area of the piece directly correlates to the sections of life that are enthralled with anger, greed, sadness, etc. The chaotic sense that the overlapping provides is the idea that during a time the one embodies these emotions it can feel overwhelming. Although the emotion may be segregated to one specific pain, it can sometimes feel as if there are multiple emotions plaguing the body. For example, with the emotion of sadness it can evolve into loneliness, then unworthiness and anger can tag along into a never-ending cycle of invasions. These …show more content…

In her piece the idea of tranquility and anger were eminent through out. Whether they encompassed you whole or only possessed slight significance were based of the over-lapping, shadows, and light. Overall, this piece has uniqueness that separates itself from solely a literal

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