Themes And Metaphors In Wild Nights-Wild Night By Emily Dickinson

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The poem “Wild Nights-Wild nights” shows the theme of love. The theme is a romantic expression which the author expresses by the longing of the “wild-night”. In the poem “Wild Nights-Wild nights”, Emily Dickinson finds herself longing for this romantic night and uses metaphor as a way to express her emotion. The author uses two major elements of poetry which are metaphor and allusion. However, the one that is an obvious standout is the use of metaphor. The use of metaphor is evident in the poem in the first stanza the metaphor “Futile - the winds -” is important because it is showing that in the middle there is no windy path that can break from their love. And the wind is incapable to produce. This goes back to my thesis because Dickinson is expressing her emotion and love that nothing can come in between the love she has for her significant other and not even the winds can stop the longing of their love. The second stanza “To a Heart in port -”, gives the message that her heart is being unused right now, but is in the boat coming. It is unbearable for her right now, she doesn’t even need a compass or chart because her heart already is moving towards the destination. This is important because it shows the comparison of her useless heart not being used and her longing for it to be used. This goes back to my thesis because she is trying to express her romantic feeling of longingness to her lover and their night together. The author feels so powerless, useless and stuck that

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