Comparing 'And Acquainted With The Night'

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Dickinson and Frost
Compare and Contrast essay

Bane once said “you think darkness is your ally?” Robert Frost would undoubtedly say no. Both “Acquainted With The Night” by Robert Frost and “We Grow Accustomed To The Dark” by Emily Dickinson applies literary devices to interpret dark or night In a concrete manner. However Frost poem “Acquainted With The Night” uses symbols, point of view, and metaphor to construct a more substantial representation of night.

In Frost’s poem a variety of symbols were used to expand the context of night. Although Dickinson’s “We Grow Accustomed To The Dark” uses symbols to personify darkness making it a series of challenges, Frost demonstrates his poem to give an enhanced projection of night make no it friendly venom, that makes you hope(light) cease to exist in stanza one, line one it says “I have been on acquainted with the night” . A person would seek guidance from a friend, in this case it is going to be the night. He symbolizes night as a friend the he follows allowing light to be his real enemy. According to the quote and its explanation Frost’s interpretation of night is superior over Dickinson’s symbolism of darkness. …show more content…

Frosts says (I) which is singular point of view, and Dickinson says (we) which means she's writing in a plural point of view. In dickinson’s quote “ we grow accustomed to the dark” it shows that the darkness(problem) is faced by Dickinson and a group of people, which makes darkness not too harmful and can be handled when faced with more than one person. However, Frost’s singular point of view is more substantial because it exhibits that night is being handled alone. This is evidence from the first line of the first stanza “ I have been one acquainted with the night.” This displays more struggle making Frost’s poem more superior. According to the quote and its explanation, Frost’s point of view conveys superiority over dickinson’s point of

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