Themes Of Night By Elie Wiesel

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In the story, “Night” there are many different themes established. The one that stood out the most was freedom and confinement. The Jewish people were stripped of their freedom; the Nazi’s were forcing them to go to death camps and ghettos. The Jews never got to see freedom unless they survived the horrific event. However, most of them died.

Wiesel and his family were stripped of everything they owned; even their own freedom. The Jews were not allowed to even to school because of there race. Which is not even something they can control. Elie described the ghettos like “the barbed wire which encircled us like a wall. It did not fill us with fear, in fact this was not a bad thing; we were entirely among ourselves.” (page 10) Weisel described the ghettos as a barbed wire fence that is encircled. "New edicts were already being issued. We no longer had the right to frequent restaurant and cafes, to travel by rail". The Jews has no kind of freedom, they couldn’t even go eat at restaurant's every day, and …show more content…

The ones who were not immediately killed were sent to work in some very harsh conditions: with terrible meal plans, very little sleep, and disease. It was a fearful environment. That is not even including the torture of their work. The confinement came into play when the Nazis made the Jews watch their peers get hung for breaking rules. “Long live liberty! My curse on Germany my curse!....” The boy stared at his extinguished eyes, the tongue from his gapping mouth. The Kapos forced everyone to look him squarely in the face,” (page 62).The Nazi’s killed the Jews in so many ways. One of the ways was to send them on a “death run”. So, if they stopped to catch their breathe they were

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