Analysis Of Teenagers Against Hitler By Lauren Tarshis

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The article, “Teens against Hitler”, by Lauren Tarshis explains the challenges that Ben Kamm, a partisan fighter, must go through while fighting off the Nazis. Ben, like the other millions of Jews, lived during one of the most devastating chapters of history, World War II. Ben and his family wanted to live freely without the Nazis. But Ben soon learned that he would become a partisan fighter and fight for the Jews. Ben survived the tragedies, but his family died the terrifying moments of the Holocaust. Even though Ben’s family did not survive the horrific regimes of Adolf Hitler, Ben showed an aments amount of courage through WWII.

Germany has been struggling a lot after WWI. Adolf Hitler and his Nazi party started blaming and …show more content…

In the text in says, “Jews were not allowed to set foot on...Anyone who violated these laws could be shot on the spot.” (7) This explains that Jews had difficult times because their laws were so unbearable and they would be punished so much. Also, on page 7, the author stated that Jews lived in the “Warsaw Ghetto” where cops were always armed.(7) This shows that there was a lot of pressure on the Jews because if they messed up on something there life was put on the line. Another major challenge Ben and the many other Jews faced was the Nazi’s aggressive ways of murdering them. According to the text, it states, “Nazi troops and their collaborators shot them, starved them, worked them to death, and systematically murdered them in gas chambers of death camps.”(7) This shows that the Nazis did everything to kill and sweep out the Jewish. Many Jews that had to face this unbearable and harsh challenges, but quickly learned that they had to overcome them with …show more content…

According to the text, “Ben soon learned tricks for sneaking out of the ghetto to find food for his family.”(8) This demonstrates how he cares alot for his family and does not care about the fact that he is risking his life to feed his family. Another courageous act that Ben and many other Jews did was to join the partisan fighters. The author stated, ”Partisans blew up factories, sabotaged railroads, stole weapon shipments, and upset the flow of supplies to German troops.”(8) This shows the Jewish people actually have hope in surviving and had courage in fighting back the Nazis. Also, the texts says, ”Ben struggled to adjust to life with the partisans… endure days in rain-soaked clothing.”(9) This proves that nonetheless, being a partisan fighter took a lot of courage and bravery. The battles that the Jews face were physically impenetrable, but with a lot of heroism and spirit, they could take down

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