Fighting Against Hitler Summary

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The article, Fighting Against Hitler, by Lauren Tarshis, describes How a boy named Ben was a jew and many times he was close to getting killed, he then was a partisan. When Ben Kamm was in his early teen years Adolf Hitler was planning on his annihilation of all jews in Europe. When the time of the annihilation came The Nazis and Hitler were burning and/or vandalizing any jewish owned businesses. Jews were not even aloud to step foot in public parks, libraries or leave there house after 5pm. That is what Fighting Against Hitler, by Lauren Tarshis, is about.

The historical background of Ben Kamm and the other jews didn 't have that greatest historical background, It looked like this: Hitler was planning on annihilating all of the jews …show more content…

Benn did many courageous things when he was a partisan and when he wasn 't, one thing that was courageous was: “Ben soon learned tricks for sneaking out of the ghetto to find food for his family.” This is courageous because if Ben got caught sneaking out by the nazis, he would have the firing squad in front of him and his family. Another courageous act was, “Ben struggled to adjust to life with the partisans . He had to learn to shoot, fall asleep on the cold forest ground, to endure days in rain-soaked clothing, and to ambush Polish policemen and steal their weapons. Danger lurked everywhere in the hostile countryside, where Poles could earn rewards for turning in jews to the Nazis.” This belongs in the courage section because he went from being a good guy to a bad guy, if he didn 't do that he would probably be killed like the rest of his family was. The last of many reasons Benn Kamm was courageous was, “Ben volunteered for dangerous missions blowing up cargo trains carrying supplies to German troops. Often, he and his fellow partisans discovered Jews hiding in the forests. “We took them with us” Ben said. “Old, young, children. We took them with us, and they survived the war.” This means that he could of died doing something that he didn 't even really enjoy doing. Those are a few (out of many) courageous things

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