Adolf Hitler's Single Story

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In the early 1940s, Adolf Hitler told Germany the single story of his opinions of the Jewish race. His single story led Germany to blame Jews, persecute Jews, and kill Jews. You would think the nation would stand against wrongdoings, but most were brainwashed by Hitler’s perspective, and the rest, cowards. Germany was manipulated to think a certain way, without caring to hear what the Jews had to say, and ultimately reacted in a harmful way to the Jews. You may ask, why is this important? It is important because you have fallen into the trap of the most dangerous weapon of all without even realizing it. A single story brings the danger of the audience not taking the time to examine multiple perspectives, being manipulated to think a certain way, and reacting in hurtful ways.

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The authors are not providing any background information behind this situation, or explaining why the U.S. provided money to countries with child soldiers, violating the CRC. Anyone that reads this article could become persuaded and manipulated by this single story, into thinking that the U.S. is evil in this situation. As an esteemed reader, don’t just believe this statement, take the extra time to go and look at other opinions. This will prevent the danger of a single story. In addition, the article, The Fog of Memoir, by Gabriel Sherman, proclaims, “the publishing industry’s sole reliance [is] on authors to verify their memoirs” (Sherman). This shows us that we don’t have proof of the credibility of some of these memoirs. We could read a memoir, and be manipulated by the danger of a single story. Articles, newspapers, and books may be exaggerated and far from the truth. Many people will just read an piece of literature or hear of news and assume it’s true without second guessing it, especially if it is from the media. When referring to

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